Five minute Friday where we write for five minutes on a word.  Today’s word is INTENTIONAL

To be intentional is to make a plan to make something happen, to reach a goal.

Today I read a post about family, what is the thing that keeps family from being family,  and as I read it I immediately started to see the Church and The family of God in it.  It was a sad yet a revealing word to me about what Family means and how we fall short of it in the body of Christ because of our own hurts and struggles and pain.  We often build walls and say we can choose who to like, using the same excuses of the world, that personalities clash.

What about Jesus, did the Father choose only those disciples with personalities that would not clash?  Didn’t the Father choose one that would betray his son and yet still ask his son to love him and not reject him, but walk with him daily, to be intentional in his relationship with him, pursuing him no matter what.  Remember Jesus even washed this disciples feet, I wouldn’t doubt that his heart was broken and that he wept over /(end of five minutes) him many times, bringing him to the Father.

So often we respond just like the world in our relationships and commitment to each other in the body of Christ.  I want to be intentional in my relationships to pursue them even though they hurt me, to keep loving no matter what, because that is how Yeshua is with me.  When my words are less than reverent or worshipful towards him, when I rant and rave in anger because I am hurt, when I pour out all my sorrows, frustrations and pain in a less than holy way to him, he still pursues me, loves me, and keeps walking with me.  I want to be like him, to love like he does, no matter the person, because it isn’t about personality clashes or having the right to choose, it is about Love and we have no right to choose the people God brings into our lives.  He chooses for His purposes and His intention.  God is very intentional about who He brings into our lives, and we need to be intentional about loving every person He brings into our lives, no matter what.





Five Minute Fridays


This weeks five-minute Friday word is simplify.

To simplify: less is more.

Once I worked in a crisis nursery and this was the playroom motto, to have less play choices actually caused the children to enjoy the ones they had more.  It made it easier for clean up as well because there was enough space to put everything away in an orderly fashion where they were more accessible.

Since coming back from China I have a small space that is mine, but I have many boxes that I had left at my brothers of my “stuff”.  I am wanting to simplify because I have to move again one day and because I like to travel I will not want a lot of extra stuff to manage.  However, this is not easy.  Many of the boxes are books, pictures, and journals.  What to keep and what not to keep is the question of my life right now.  How to use the little space I have and maintain some semblance of order so I can find the things I need.

To simplify my life can also mean to stop doing so much other things, things that tire and stress, to simplify is to be wise in what we focus on.  Am I focused on earning money or am I focused on Glorifying God?  Am I focused on me or on God?  My mind is very busy, always going so fast the rest of me can’t keep up, I can be miles ahead in my thoughts about everything that I become stressed about not enough time, not enough time to be still and rest, not enough time to finish projects I started, not enough time alone, not enough time with people.  Maybe to simplify my life I first have to simplify my thoughts.  To not worry and stress over what doesn’t get done but to move more slowly and do well the things I do with taking time to breathe, focus and rest in-between.  It seems to simplify my life means I need to simplify my thoughts and yet accept that life can be complicated, complex, difficult, and overwhelmingly too busy at times, but it is possible to learn to slow down, to downsize and to let go of that which is not necessary.

This one thing that is necessary is to spend time with God, so I can learn from Him how to slow down, even my thoughts and find rest and peace in a simplified life with Him.


Five Minute Fridays


This weeks five-minute write word is motivate.  I have been reading through Daniel and as I read I see everyone is motivated by something different in this story.  Nebuchadnezzar was motivated by what?  Fame, Power, Control?  No he had all these already.  He wanted to be worshipped.  He wanted the people to see him as god.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego what was their motivation to choose the fire over worshipping a gold statue?  Did they want attention? power? fame? Did they think that by defying the earthly king they would have a higher status with the Eternal King?  What was their motivation?  Were they more afraid of their God than the King?  I believe their motivation was their loyalty to their God and his statutes.  I believe it was love for him that compelled them to choose the fire over bowing down.  What motivated the astrologers to snitch on them?  Probably a desire to be seen as greater and better and more worthy than them.  Jealousy.  I think that was their great motivator.  They saw that they were honored and had a higher position than they and they wanted to steal that from them.

So what will motivate me this year?  Will my desires for money, fame, attention, or will I be motivated by the love of Christ?  I pray that it is love, his love for me and his love in me that motivates me to do all that I do.  Whether choosing a movie to watch a book to read an activity to do or work.  I pray it is his love that compels and motivates me to do everything I do.