Today’s five-minute write word is WHY.  

How many times I have asked why of the Lord.  Why is there no time to just do the things I like and want to do?  Why do I have to work so many hours?  Why do you ask me to write yet there is no support and understanding from the people around me so I work outside of the home? Why do I not have more energy? Why?

Why is one of the questions we all learn to ask at an early age.  Why is the sky blue?  Why can’t I do that?  Why can’t I come with you? Why? Why?

It’s not that it is wrong to ask Why but it depends on your attitude when you ask and the kind of why question.  When kids ask why do birds sing?  Why is the sky blue?  These are seeking knowledge kind of questions but when they start to question why you said no you cannot watch that movie, or no you cannot go alone to the park, do you want them to trust that you know best or to believe they are wiser than you and know the best way to do things?

As I have gotten older and grown in my relationship with God, He has brought me to the understanding that “Why” is the wrong question to ask.  He made me aware of how I felt when asked why I did things the way I did.  It was this revelation of my own response to the question why that helped me to understand that why is the wrong question to ask.

When people ask me why I did something, I feel attacked, I feel like they are calling me stupid and that I don’t measure up, especially when they offer advice or start with “If it was me I would ….”  As soon as I had that revelation about myself, I came to understand why the question “Why?” is not the right question to ask God.


In Job 24, Job asks, “Why doesn’t the Almighty bring the wicked to judgment?  Why must the godly wait for him in vain?” 

Before that in chapter 13 Job states, “I want to argue my case with God himself”.

(Isn’t that what we are doing when we ask Him why? Read Chapter 13 and see all the questions Job asks, one of which is “Are you defending God….?”)

However, The Lord did not answer immediately, it is in chapter 38 that He responds to Job, “Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorant words? Brace yourself like a man because I have some questions for you, and you must answer them.”

Are we ready for that same response when we are wanting to bring our case before Him, because when we ask Why?  is that not what we are doing.

The Lord showed me how when I would ask him why I was not trusting Him.  I was questioning His wisdom and knowledge of the situation, of me, of others and not trusting that He knew what He was doing.  That it was an “attack” on His Character.  Instead He turned my question to, What are you doing in this?  This was so I would start to seek what His purpose was and how can I join Him in what He is doing.  How can I cooperate with Him so His will is accomplished in the situation.

In my journey since returning to Canada I have had the question Why on my lips a few times, but in His mercy and grace He has helped me to turn my Why into a vision and picture of what He desires and longs to accomplish in me and in the people around me. He has turned my focus to one of seeking what He is doing in the situation, what is He setting up to accomplish in me and in others through the uncomfortable situations He has brought me into.

I think when we ask the Lord Why He is doing something or allowing something to happen it is a suggestion to Him that we know better, we would do it differently, it is questioning His ability to do what is best and His wisdom in all things.

It’s not that He gets upset at us for asking why, it’s not that He becomes angry about it but it is the wrong question.  He will not answer it because He does not ever need to defend himself.

The next time someone asks you why you are doing something the way you do, take note of your internal response.  How does that question make you feel?  and How do you respond when asked Why?

Maybe instead of asking why,  we should remember the biggest and best thing He has done.  The Father sent His Son to earth.  Why?  For us, so we could remember that He knows, He cares and He is there.  He suffered the loss of His Son, He watched His Son be murdered by the people He wanted to save.  Where does that leave our question Why?


Book Review

Passion Week

I am reading a book by David Kitz calledThe Soldier Who Killed A King.  It is a story about the last week Yeshua walked on the earth.  A story of confusion, questions, doubt and faith.  A story that brings the truth to a Roman soldier who is serving in Jerusalem and is a leader among the soldiers.  It is about his encounters with Yeshua and the evil wannabe king Herod who came to Jerusalem for Passover.  

I love how David intertwines the two main characters together through observation, conversation and direct encounters.  How the soldier thinks about what he sees, hears and experiences.  I appreciate how he portrays the Romans as human in all ways, just as we are too.  I think we often forget,  in light of the stories and history we know, that they also had feelings, thoughts and desires.  That not all their desires were evil.  David does a great job of portraying what it would have been like for a man to live in those days.  I know for myself I really never thought about the soldiers except as ones who could be cruel and hard hearted, never thinking about their humanity, that maybe it wasn’t easy for them to do the things they were commanded to do.

If you enjoy reading and like an engaging, thought provoking book, this one is for you.


To see more of David’s books





Privelege, 5 minute word prompt for today.

After living in China for more than 5 years, then coming back to Canada, I see how privelege can damage a society, because an attitude of entitlement takes hold.  No matter what country everyone feels they have certain priveleges that no one should take away.

As I read others posts and pondered this word this morning I was brought to Philippians 2: 5-11 

Though he was God,

he did not think of equality with God 

as something to cling to.

Instead, he gave up his divine priveleges;

He took the humble position of a slave 

and was born as a human being.

When he appeared in human form

he humbled himself in obedience to God 

and died a criminals death on a cross.

Therefore, God elevated him to the place of highest honor

and gave him the name above all other names,

that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 

and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, 

to the glory of God the Father.

The one who deserves privelege, was the most worthy of all priveleges, who had no sin, no selfish motive, no evil desires, nothing in him that spoke of, reeked of, or hinted at an attitude of entitlement gave it all up for us.  

Are we willing to do the same for others?  Am I?  Can I give up the privelege of a home, a job, a good life,  the belief that I deserve all that I think I need and want to serve others in a humble state?

Right now where I live is not my home, in fact I am split between two homes that are not mine.  Am I willing to give up my desire and belief that I should have my own place in order to serve in these two homes with the humble attitude of my Father, of my Savior, of my Lord.  I pray the Holy Spirit will help me to follow my Lord’s example and be willing to lay down my life for the sake of others.





Todays five-minute word is, Agree.  This is a time where we write for five minutes on a topic and then post with no editing.  So, I ask you to look past the mistakes to the heart.

To agree with one another is that the same as having unity?  What are we to agree on to have unity with one another?  I think we have unity when we agree about what is most important in life.  The one thing scripture teaches which is most important is LOVE.

To love God with all of our hearts, souls, strength and mind, and to love our neighbors as our selves.  Love is the one thing all people who believe in Jesus as the messiah, must agree on in order to have Unity.  If there is no agreement here that Love is the greatest and love must be what we pursue then there will be no unity in the body of Christ.  So then we must also agree on what Love is.  In our society we have a very weak view or understanding of Love, a very unbiblical view of love.  We love everything from books to food to adventure to movies, but our love for people is weak.  Love covers over a multitude of sins, that doesn’t mean we tolerate sin in our brothers and sisters (end of five minutes) but that we acknowledge it, confront them, and forgive them, and then the hard part keep walking with them, pain and all.  Love never quits, never ends, never walks away.  This is the kind of Love the Father has, the Son has and the Spirit has.  If we do any less are we really agreeing with The One who died for us, giving up all His glory to dwell among men to be spit upon, beaten, hated and then killed for us.

We must remember Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus, was walking, eating and serving in the group of followers of Jesus.  He was a disciple of Jesus.  Jesus knew him, Jesus loved him, Jesus fed him, Jesus talked with him, Jesus ate with him, Jesus washed his feet, Jesus trusted him with the money, Jesus kept walking with him though his heart was hard, Jesus forgave him every step of the way, knowing all that was in his heart, Jesus loved him and prayed for him while walking with him, and talking with him.

Now that is love, the never-ending, never stopping, never giving up kind of Love.

Love that is the one thing we must agree on.