Five Minute Fridays


Five-minute Friday word with Kate Motang.

Interesting that this ended up to be the word for today.  Just this week a friend I met in China reminded me of a time I was stuck.

I had been living in China for 5 years and had found many interesting differences but the most novel was the doors.  You see when you rent an apartment it is quite secure, there is a gate all around the compound and guards at the gates.  When you go into the apartment there is the same kind of security on the doors as here but the individual doors of each suite is different for they lock automatically when the door is shut.  In fact some are almost impossible to open from the inside unless you know the secret of the turn.  How I wish I had a picture to put here of the first place I had stayed and then you could see the inside of the door and how well there was no handle as we know it.  There is a small round knob that you have to turn the correct way to get out.  The first time I was there alone well I was stuck, there was no way I could get out no matter how I tried to turn, twist or open that door.  Now there was no window it was a solid metal door, the kind you might see in solitary confinement, no way once it was locked could a person get out.  Well that was the first time I found myself STUCK in an apartment in China.


The time my friend was referring to was a more modern door, with a handle and key hole that was well almost like here in Canada, but they also lock as soon as you close the door.  They have a small lock on the inside for extra security.  At night I tended to lock it because I was never sure who else had a key for the apartment.

One morning I was on my way to work but when I tried to get out the door, well I was STUCK.  Now getting locked out I have done before but getting locked in, this was a bit ridiculous, I tried everything I could.  I walked away and prayed.  I checked the bedroom window, but it had bars on it that had no way to be released for the inside, which seems now a bit strange, since in an emergency how is one to get out.  Well so much for the reflection on that now.  So after a pause, a prayer and gathering my wits I went again to the door to check and think and try one more time to get out to no avail.

What to do? Well I phoned a friend, thinking if she came I could at least hand the key to her through the barred windows, but she was unavailable, so I called another friend.  After calling work to tell them I could not make it, and waiting and trying a third time the door and the window.  I called another friend, who called a locksmith, who arrived later that day.  Finally, the door was opened and I was UNstuck.  I could leave my house.

Even though at the time it was frustrating, now I laugh about it and think how in these small things in life, even though a bit frightening, can also be a time to grow trust; trust in God, a God who loves me and will take care of me no matter how long or in what way I am stuck.





Turn five minute Friday word

Seasons turn one into another

in nature,

in our lives.

There is a time to be a baby which

turns into a time to be a child

which turns into a time to be a       youth

and then a time to be an adult

this turns into a time for middle age and finally turning the page of time; a time to be old

With all this turning season roll one into another through the years.

A season to learn

A season to grow

A season for school

A season for work

A season to serve

A season to change

as we age

change address

change what we do

but mostly to be changed into his likeness

to be turned into a pure spotless bride