Five-minute Friday with Kate Motaung, where you write for 5 minutes on a topic.

Return, means to go back to where you once lived or had been, to go back to what you once knew.

Almost one year ago I returned to Canada from China.  It has been a difficult adjustment.  I have struggled to reconnect and to again get back to what I once knew as life.  It has not been easy but as the page turns it has been another part of my story.  God is still in control and sovereign over it all.

“Return to Me”, He calls us from Isaiah all the way to Revelations, “Return to your first love”.

This call is constant in my life, whenever I start to go my own way and do my own thing I hear his voice saying “Come, return to what you first knew.”

What did I first know but an intimate relationship with Him where there was much communion and intercession.

Where am I now, still walking the road back as I sort out my feeling, my dreams, desires and wants, as well as disappointments and fears.

Where am I headed?  Back into his arms and deep communion, because that is the only way when He returns I can journey back home with him.

End of five minutes.

Let us Return to Him with a repentant heart and focus on Relationship with Him as well as seeking His Guidance for our lives, rather than running off on our own to make life happen.  He Knows the plans He has for us and those plans are for good.

Trust Him, He Knows