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Day16 of Kate Motaung’s 31 day write challenge.  I am behind but persevering through.  Thanks to Kate for sharing her wisdom about writing and for her patience with those of us who are a little slower.

Colossians 4:2 says, “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.”

Philippians 4:6 says, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done.”


In prayer we are to have an alert mind and a thankful heart, we are not to worry but to pray and tell God what we need and thank him for all he has done.

As I think about my story, the story God has given me to tell I realize that so much of what I write comes from my heart but I have not always prayed over it.  I get excited about a new truth God shows me and instead of letting it sink in and become part of who I am, I want to share it and so I tell others.  However, I have found most people are not receptive to it, somehow in my sharing I have missed keeping grace in my tone, my words, my actions.  This past year has been a real lesson about that, about keeping silent sometimes and not sharing what God has shown me.  I failed more often than I’d like to admit and more relationships were broken because of my “Passion”  yet was it really passion?

In The Broken Way, Ann writes, “Love, before it is anything to be love at all, it is first of all patient. … patience is nothing but a willingness to suffer.  Patience and the word passion, both come from the exact same root word, patrior, to suffer.  Passion has much less to do with elation and much more to do with patience….Passion embraces suffering because there is no other way to embrace love.” (p.137)

Now the word patience has a whole new meaning to me, maybe being patient is enduring the suffering of biting one’s tongue sometimes, being silent and not speaking too quickly.  In scriptures, I believe in Proverbs it says to be quick to listen and slow to speak.  I am so glad God has patience with me to learn, understand, and gain wisdom on when to share and when not to.  Most of all I guess I have learned how important it is to ask God when, how and what to share, prayer is the most important thing of all.

Thank you Jesus for your patient, passionate, love being willing to suffer for me and for sticking with me until I learn what patience and passion are all about.





Five Minute Fridays


31 day write with Kate Motaung 

Day 15 of five minute free writes  where we write for 5 minutes.

31 day write

When?  When will we be given understanding?

When will we be able to understand each other more?

When we learn what love really is and start putting it into practice we will understand that we cannot walk in each other’s shoes but we can walk with each other sharing the burden, the load by serving one another with patience, and by listening to the heart and soul of the other person.

When that happens we will truly learn what it means to be compassionate and caring, just as Jesus was and is.

He knows our thoughts, our feelings, our lives He understands us and that is why He is compassionate towards us.  He gets each one of us, that is amazing to me that billions of people Jesus understands when I cannot even understand myself.  Yet Jesus does.

So is it possible to walk in one another’s shoes, to truly understand and get each other, or is it more about learning to love one another through suffering for each other that we truly get it?

Each person’s has their own shoes of suffering they have to walk through in this life, Jesus walked in his own shoes on this earth, he did not take on someone elses shoes and walk in them.

To love others does not always mean understanding them.  The greatest love is when we can be patient with others when we don’t understand them, but when we have enough passion, patience, to love them as Christ would anyways.

Jesus knows each person and each persons’ suffering therefore He is able to share with us what each person needs and how to walk with them through the storms, trials and sufferings of life.

So, when will we be able to “walk in one another’s shoes”, never, but we can walk along side them and love them by being patient and kind, caring and taking care of them in the midst of the suffering.

Galatians 6:1 Carry one another’s burdens, if you do, you will give the law of Christ its full meaning.  (NIRV)

The New living Translation says it this way, “Share each other’s burdens and in this way obey the law of Christ.

When we truly become like Christ, we can truly Love, and that love will never end.




Five Minute Fridays



Day 14 of 31 days of five minute free writes

“Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and the door shall be opened…”

I ask for wisdom, I ask for strength

I ask for understanding

yet the heavens are silent.  

What lesson am I learning as I sit her in the dark,

pain my constant companion unless I numb it with drugs.  

So many questions that I cannot hear His answers to.

I pray and pray and pray yet all I hear is silence,

When I hear that still small voice, it is not these questions that He answers;

He tells me He is here and its not finished yet. 

Comfort from my Father that He never leaves and that He has a plan, yet He does not reveal that plan, but reassures me I will be healed and He will take me places again.

What exactly is He doing in this heart of mine, that feels so discouraged as the enemy finds ways to accuse and condemn me.


The grace of God carries me through, His strength is sufficient in my weakness.

As I stumble through this life, confused and broken, I ask daily for healing, for strength. 

Though I may never have answers to my questions here on earth, if I can hear the reassuring whisper that He is near and never leaves me, is this not the greatest thing I could ask.  That He will always stay with me, through my pain, sorrow, stumbling and falling short of His Glory.





Five Minute Fridays


Day 19 of 31 days of five minute free writes

Who can carry the pain the sorrow, the hurt?

Who can mend a broken heart, a heart that’s been torn in two?

Who can take care of the troubles and trials in life?  

Only One I know , His name is Jesus, He is Life

He can mend a broken heart as you walk daily with Him.

He’ll carry your sorrow and pain.  He alone is the One who can heal all your hurts.

Trust Him, Obey Him

He knows the way to bring wholeness, healing and joy


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As I contemplated about the word DOOR I looked for the significance of the word door in scripture.

As I read the scriptures one thing jumped out at me.  Doors are ways into places, Jesus is the door, the way to the Father (John 10:9).  Jesus will one day be at the door to return to be with us on Earth (Mark 13:29).  Jesus stands at the door and knocks (what a gentleman) (Rev 3:20).   In Song of Solomon 5:2 it says, “I slept, but my heart was awake, when I heard my lover knocking and calling:  Open to me, my treasure, my darling, my dove, my perfect one.”

Doesn’t this ring as a wonderful thing, one day He will come calling and be at the door of the Heavens, coming on the clouds, returning for the one He loves.  As a bride waits for her bridegroom so should we be ready and waiting for his return.

Revelations 3:20 Jesus says he has opened a door that no one can close, that door is to the Father, that door is the door to home.  Our final place of communion with Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, HOME at last.  A  place of total love, peace and joy.

Before that day there are many doors we will walk through, doors into people’s lives that Our Father will prepare for us so we can share His love and life with others.  Doors to healing, health, friendship, family, work.  So in our waiting for that final victory when Jesus comes through the door, coming for His Bride, lets prepare our hearts, complete the task he has given us, to make disciples of all people, by loving them.

Let’s ask the Father to guard the door of our lips and our hearts so no evil will pass through.  As The Father told Cain in Genesis 4:7, “You will be accepted if you do what is right.  But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out!  Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you.  But you must subdue it and be it’s master.”

As we walk each day, let our heart’s door be guarded and filled with God so the overflow of our lips will be God-wise and bring healing and health to our bones and those of others as well.  Praying for the doors of others to be open to Jesus, that none will be left behind on the day of His return.

Five Minute Fridays



To talk, to engage in conversation.

Some talk is light, some serious

Some is real, some fake

Some is true, some lies

Some is entertaining, some offensive


Words have the power of life and death

The words we speak cannot come back no matter how much we want them to, once they escape our lips they are like arrows shot into another’s hearts.  Whether we are in the same room or not it does not matter the arrow will hit its mark.  Many times the words we speak are carried back to others through the rumour weed.  Rumour and gossip hurt.

Many times in scripture the Lord shows us that we need to watch what we say, he tells us our words have the power of life and death.  That we are not to gossip about or slander other people with our words, yet the one way even Christians think is okay is in joking, sarcasm.  I don’t know if any of you have been hurt by someone’s joke or sarcastic remark but I know I have many times.  When I prayed about it God would say, “That is not what I think of you, I did not tell them to say that.”

How many of our words are spoken carelessly without thought for the other person.  Sarcasm bites, if we don’t want children or dogs biting then we ought to be careful of our words and using sarcasm because it is a bite that does not heal as easily as a physical bite.  The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is so not true.  The way I see it, our words are what build people’s lives, our own and others.  So if our words, as Paul said, are used wisely then we are building one another up in Christ;  But, if our words are used carelessly, sarcastically then we are tearing one another down.


After watching this I have a new understanding of the power of words and really want to watch my talk in the future.

Hope you enjoy the video and take something from it too.

Here is to speaking only loving kind words to one another.


Five Minute Fridays




How can I go on when broken and weary?

How can I go on when the night never seems to end?

How can I hear when I’m tired and scared?

How can I live without you?

My child I am here with you, how could you think I would leave?

I promised to never abandon you, but to prepare a place for you in the end.

I know you are weary and wondering what I am doing.

Trust me and you will see,

a glorious plan unfold.


Five Minute Fridays


Day 9 of 31 days of writing for five minutes a day.  I am behind but able to focus and sit for longer now so desire to finish what I started.


Inspire:  to fill with an animating, quickening or exalting influence; to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it;  to make someone have a particularly strong feeling or reaction

God inspires people through the Holy Spirit to write, to draw, to dance, to sing, to play, to be….

Inspiration comes in the night, the wee hours of the morning when sleep evades me.  I want to share God’s story in a new light, looking for his creative light.  So, I sit up and write what I have seen, not yet for public eye, it is different, it is new, but will I be inspired to keep working at it and polishing it?  That is the difficult part for me to carry the inspired thoughts to a polished state for others to read and enjoy.  I want to learn and grow in this craft of writing but it seems there is always an excuse, I guess motivation has to come along with the inspiration to help me along the way.  One day I want to complete something that will inspire those who don’t know the truth to seek the truth, through my writing, through my story, through my life.





Five Minute Fridays



Hope deferred makes the heart sick


Hope for tomorrow

Hope for eternity

Hope beats in our hearts daily rising to meet each new challenge

Faith, hope and love:  these three things are the greatest


believing, trusting


Waiting, watching


being broken and poured out

Without hope despair comes

Hope keeps us focused on the ONE who gives hope

without hope we flounder and sink

Hope gives us strength to go on when difficulties arise


Hope in tomorrow the rains will clear

the sun will shine again

strength will return

the darkness will flee

Hope draws us higher to meet

the ONE who loves us





Day 12 of 31 days to tell your story with Kate Motaung of Five minute Fridays.

Praise the LORD with melodies on the lyre; make music for him on the ten stringed harp and sing with joy, for the word of the LORD holds true and we can trust everything he does.  He loves whatever is just and good; the unfailing love of the Lord fills the earth (Psalm 33: 2-5)

Praise the LORD

Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Ephesians 5:20 And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Giving thanks is praising God.

To thank God and praise him for the hard things does not come naturally to me.  As I go through this next tough situation I want to thank God for the small things, praise him in this storm.