Five Minute Fridays



Day 14 of 31 days of five minute free writes

“Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and the door shall be opened…”

I ask for wisdom, I ask for strength

I ask for understanding

yet the heavens are silent.  

What lesson am I learning as I sit her in the dark,

pain my constant companion unless I numb it with drugs.  

So many questions that I cannot hear His answers to.

I pray and pray and pray yet all I hear is silence,

When I hear that still small voice, it is not these questions that He answers;

He tells me He is here and its not finished yet. 

Comfort from my Father that He never leaves and that He has a plan, yet He does not reveal that plan, but reassures me I will be healed and He will take me places again.

What exactly is He doing in this heart of mine, that feels so discouraged as the enemy finds ways to accuse and condemn me.


The grace of God carries me through, His strength is sufficient in my weakness.

As I stumble through this life, confused and broken, I ask daily for healing, for strength. 

Though I may never have answers to my questions here on earth, if I can hear the reassuring whisper that He is near and never leaves me, is this not the greatest thing I could ask.  That He will always stay with me, through my pain, sorrow, stumbling and falling short of His Glory.






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