Five Minute Fridays


5 minutes to write

What am I repeating in my life that needs to stop?

What thoughts, words and actions am I stuck in?

What are they writing about the story of my life?

Will it be a story that will be eternal, a story that brings light?

Or will they be burned up, useless and dead?

Is my life full of hope, a story of peace and rest

Or is it a story filled with strife?

Have I fallen into a repetitive pattern of stress,  a pattern not worth repeating

or have I turned a corner, starting a new pattern, a pattern worth repeating?







Day 26 of 31 day writing with Kate Motaung

When I think of the word moment I think of the verse 2 Corinthians 4:17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

This is but a moment in time that will pass away, all the pain I am experiencing at this time will one day be over.  The best moment is still to come, the moment when Jesus descends on the clouds to take me home.  That is the moment I am waiting for, but in the meantime what do I do in these moments of sufferings?  I look to my Father, my Saviour and Holy Spirit to teach, heal, guide and lead me home.  I don’t know the outcome but my God does and all He asks me in this moment is to rest in Him, believe His word and trust Him fully, because He knows.

I was thinking of the moment I fell down those steps a couple weeks ago and all the moments since, in which I have been seeking to know and understand; yet still praying and believing for healing.   I know in one moment Jesus could heal me; however I am submitted to him no matter what.  He knows the purpose of this and He has a plan, a plan I am promised for a future and a hope.  So rest in Him, and trust He has a greater plan, is the order of the day.

Whether I am healed quickly or not isn’t really the issue, but what is in my heart about it.  Am I bitter and angry, or joyful and expecting?  Who does God want to be for me today in this moment?  Am I allowing this circumstance to draw me closer to the one I say I love or am I still focused on other things?

I pray for strength, and wisdom, healing and wholeness but does that mean brokenness?  I have been reading Ann Voskamp’s book, The Broken Way, and it is changing how I think of and experience my brokenness at this time.

Jesus was broken on the cross.  He gave His life, laid it down, no one took it from Him, He willingly gave it.  First, leaving His home with the Father, coming to earth as a helpless babe totally dependent on an earthly mother and father.   Second, as an adult, he chose homelessness.  He chose to walk this earth with a handful of broken people who did not recognize him, nor understand his ways.  Finally, He submitted to the final breaking, the breaking of His body on the cross.  He faced death, yet in His submission to the Father’s plan, He conquered death.

Brokenness is God’s plan, in being broken we serve a bigger purpose than just living our own lives.  We serve His purposes which are higher and eternal, a story written for the world to read.