Five Minute Fridays


5 minutes to write

What am I repeating in my life that needs to stop?

What thoughts, words and actions am I stuck in?

What are they writing about the story of my life?

Will it be a story that will be eternal, a story that brings light?

Or will they be burned up, useless and dead?

Is my life full of hope, a story of peace and rest

Or is it a story filled with strife?

Have I fallen into a repetitive pattern of stress,  a pattern not worth repeating

or have I turned a corner, starting a new pattern, a pattern worth repeating?





2 thoughts on “Repeat”

  1. These are great questions to pause and consider. It is easy to get into the habit of repeating certain thoughts and actions without thinking, but they do make a difference. It is good to stop and think whether they are good things to repeat or not.


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