Five-minute write with Kate Motaung

China and Korea 026

Is convenience about everything being easy?

Is convenience something we should have in this world?

I remember in China when the fresh market was so convenient, buses ran every 10 or so minutes and it was a short ride to the shops.  I remember it being so easy to always have enough and even more than enough, but then God calls me back to Canada.

Canada, nothing is really convenient or easy.  So why did God want me back here?  I’ve struggled for 2 years trying to adjust and obey God.  So I wonder does God want our lives to be convenient, easy? or is that just a North American thing that we think it should be and believe the lie of the enemy that life should be easy?

I know my life has never been easy in North America, in Canada.  Some would say it’s because of my choices, but is the choice to obey God ever convenient?



4 thoughts on “Convenience”

  1. I think convenience is something that is highly valued by our culture (I’m in the UK but I think it’s similar) but I don’t think it is valued quite so highly by God. I wrote about this today too.


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