My Travelling Experience

Well I went to my first writing conference this month, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It really isn’t that far from my home but when you are taking first a train and then a bus it can lengthen the journey quite a bit.  First, there is the waiting, and then there is more waiting and again another bit of waiting.  However, waiting is okay, there is a lot to be learned and experienced in the waiting.

For instance, while you are on the platform waiting for the train you can learn that you really don’t have to be there an hour before, because, the train may well be delayed and there is not that many passengers vying for a seat. So, next time, I will visit with a friend, have a coffee and relax before I worry about missing the train.

Second, you see some interesting people in the station, especially at night, while waiting for a transfer.  You see bus stations are like shelters for homeless people, it gives them a warm place to sleep.  You also meet some interesting people from other countries who are travelling through.

There were 2 such meetings on my way home.  I had to wait more than 2 hours in Detroit, so, I went for a walk, with my suitcase.  As I was walking I saw a lady who was having her car towed.  I felt a nudge to go and talk with her, I wondered what I was to say.  I decided to ask if she knew of a restaurant close by.  I was wanting, no needing a coffee and something to go with it.  (No Timmy’s here).  She only knew of Burger King which was back past the bus depot.  As I was turning to leave I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to tell her God loves her and I did.  Her face lit up and it was a God moment, connection.  In this simple act of obedience I was blessed and she was blessed too.

The second meeting happened with a little girl who was with her mom’s friend.  They were from Singapore.  I met them just outside the bus station while I was pondering whether I should walk to the Burger King.  I said hello to her and she smiled and responded in kind.  I asked her where they were going, she said to Burger King.  I told her I was headed that way too.  So we walked together, she was such a joy to meet and talk with.  We spent the time waiting playing hangman together, and at the end she hugged me and said thanks then waved goodbye when I got on the bus.  What a blessing she was to me.

So don’t despise waiting because in the waiting God’s is still at work and He has blessings that come in  little surprises, along the way.  This trip helped me to see with a new perspective how God is in all the little details and shows us different rainbows of promise along the way.