Five Minute Fridays


There are two different ways most of us use this word.

  1.  When needing to get someones’s attention we use it politely, saying, “Excuse me please.”
  2. When we want to explain why we didn’t do something, we make an excuse.

Excuses we all have them, we all make them at some time in our lives, for things we should have done, could have done or wanted to do but didn’t.

Why do I not sit down and write more often?  because I’m too busy, I am not inspired, I am not good enough, I need to find a paying job, I don’t feel well….. and the list can go on and on.

Why did I not spend more time with so and so when I had the chance?  too busy, hard to get there, they were too busy….

Why did I not study more, take this course and not that one?  Again the list of excuses can go on and on.

For the most part our excuses are explanations of how we percieved the situation and to defend ourselves against accusations.

Take for instance Adam and Eve.   Eve made the excuse, “The snake made me do it.”  Adam made the excuse, “The woman you gave me…”

Most of the time our excuses are blameshifting to someone else,

“She made me angry.”

“He told me to do it.”

I know I have said these kinds of things.

Getting down to the truth of excuses, Jesus said in John 15, that if he had not come and spoken to them (us), they (we) would have no sin , but now they (we) have no excuse for their (our) sin.  Jesus came, he spoke and he still speaks today.

Paul in writing to the Corinthians, asked them if they thought they were making excuses, (or in some versions, defending) for themselves and their actions. ( 2 Corinthians 12)

Romans 1:20  For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly see, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened. “

Without EXCUSE for rejecting God, not glorifying Him as God and not being thankful.

Wow, we are without excuse for not being thankful.  When was the last time I really thanked God for all that I have.   Much too long.

We are so fickle we thank God for our food, but not for the trials that cause us to grow in His character.  We thank God for the new shoes but not the chance to grow in trusting for that next need to be met.

Romans 1 also says we (man) exchanged truth for a lie… excuse making actually exchanging truth for a lie?

OH I can’t help, it is just the way I am.    Does this sound like truth?

So, what is the truth about our excuses, can we help them or can we not?

In Romans God tells us we are without excuse, even though Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree we cannot hang on that and continue to blame them for our sin.  It is our own sin.  Excuses and blame shifting is no longer acceptable when we read that word,  because God says we are without excuse.   But the GOOD NEWS IS we are freed from this excuse factory, because we can come before God and confess our sins without fear because Jesus died to set us free, we are free from the excuse and blame shifting because Jesus is with us to help us do all we are to do and be all he created us to be.  There are no more excuses left.


All we need is the grace to be humble and meek as Jesus is, so we can admit our faults, sins and shortcomings, have mercy on ourselves and one another and forgive then move on.  NO EXCUSES.






Silence, in the stillness, there is silence.

Silence without, Silence within

this is my goal

this is where the treasure lies

to be silent before God

is to be still

in stillness we can know God

His Word is

“Be still and Know I am God”

In stillness, in silence,

Silence of mind and heart

Silence of the world

we can know God

We can know He is God

In this we can find comfort

In this we can rest

In this we can trust

Knowing He is God and we are not

Knowing He is in control, so we don’t have to be.





What are the true needs of people?  Distinguishing between wants and needs is not always easy.  What do I really need at this stage of life, where I am now.  I have shelter, food (though not always by my own hand), new friends and a new beginning.  So why is it I can feel that there is lack in my life.  The only real lack I have is money, but sometimes it is hard to remember in this western country, that money is not everything.  Yes it pays the rent, yes it buys the food, but really is it my deepest need now to be able to support myself?  Most would say yes, yes, and many love to quote the Bible and remind me that, “You don’t work, you don’t eat”  but what about obeying God and trusting Him to provide.  Is the only way he provides through work.   I am not against work, in fact I have been looking for work for 3 months and just this week applied for 3 more jobs.  I do need work, but is that my deepest need?  I would say no, because I know me and I know where I am at; God knows me and where I am at and He knows His plan for me.  I need to rest in Him, trust Him and do the work He gives me to do, whether it pays financial dividends or not.  I need Him above and beyond anything else in this world, even food and shelter.  So, if I lose all I will still have Him.  He is my strength, my song, my deliverer, my healer, my savior, and my Husband.  He is therefore taking care of me, I need to trust Him, rest in Him and love Him.  That is my greatest need and in doing those things all the rest will be taken care of, because He is God, He is good and He promises in His word to meet my needs.

Matthew 7 says that we cannot love both God and money

So which one to seek after?  Only the One who gives life.





Rest everyone needs it and all of us like it, but what is it in the Bible? 

Jesus said he gives us rest, he says come unto me all you who are weary and I will give you rest.  We also find in Hebrews that there is a rest we are to enter into.  A rest that the Israelite’s did not enter into a rest that we can miss.  I do not want to miss that rest, because that rest is the real rest we need.  As I have been asking God about rest and what that means it seems that it is something we can have and do even when working and busy with life.  His kind of rest is a rest that eliminates worry and stress, but not the work.  His rest is entered into when we Trust Him, trusting is resting, resting is trusting.  So although we like the rest that is a stop and sit down and relax, whether with a book or a movie or a cup of coffee with a friend.  The rest we really need is so much deeper and so much more needed.  To rest in Him, is to cease from striving, and working on our own, it is to connect with the Holy One and work from that place of connecting so we are not striving in the flesh to complete whatever work He has given us to do, whether at a 9-5 job or sitting writing.  So do we need a day to cease from work and rest YES but we can also enter into The Lord’s rest while we work and care for others.  As always the Lord wants to take us deeper into Him, into His Word so we do not miss entering the rest He talks about, the one that has His yoke which is easy and light.  I am still learning about rest and practicing what I learn because I do not want to miss entering in to that place of real rest in Him.




Eyes on Jesus

Steps of trust

Way opens

An Obstacle

Keep Eyes on Jesus

He knows the way



and the obstacle is behind

He makes the way

He leads you and

When you keep your eyes on Him

There are no obstacles you cannot



We show we Trust Him when we Obey Him.  To silence the critic inside, the one who says impossible, is not easy to do.  To not strive to make things happen, to not take everything personally but to know God Knows and let that be enough.  When judgement and criticism come to know how to stand against it in truth, this is a battle, one that can only be won in Christ.  What is the right thing to do at this time?  TRUST the ONE who knows.  No one else knows the other’s struggles, fears, or weaknesses in heart, mind and body, nor do we know God’s Plan for anyone else’s life, and lots of times, not even for our own lives.

So, even though things may be difficult, choose to believe it will all smooth out and things will align with His great design for each of us, in His time.  He makes the rough places smooth, Isaiah 40:4.

So Trust in Him, I will, Obey Him, I will, because to do other wise will lead not to the Good Life He has planned for me but to a more painful and distressing life of exhaustion and lack of life, real life in Him.







To overcome means to get the better of, to surmount, to conquer. 

In life what does it mean to overcome?  To overcome we usually have to put in some effort and work to conquer what ever is dragging us down.  Many people seek to overcome fears, they do this by confronting their fear and facing it, as if facing a giant that needs to be defeated.  Most would say it was a giant, because it blocked them and stopped them from some wonderful experience that was waiting to be had.

To overcome obstacles in our lives that are bigger than us takes a power that is more than what we have.  Goliath was an obstacle to peace, victory and rest for Israel.  David was a young man who knew his God, he spent hours alone worshiping in song, focusing  on the one who could protect him from the wild animals but also against the invisible enemy that seeks to defeat all of us from within.

So what weapons can we use against this invisible enemy that attacks from within.  The enemy of despair and depression, the enemy that shouts we are not good enough, that we don’t belong, are unwanted.  How do we overcome this enemy?

Praise, Worship, Prayer and Truth telling.  These are the only weapons that will defeat this invisible enemy.  Who is the one then that overcomes these enemies of our heart?  Only one and His name is Jesus.  He overcame all of our enemies on the cross, whether outer, inner, visible or invisible.  He overcame it all, our sins and the accuser who continues to trip us up and defeat us at times; but he will never have the final victory because, Jesus has the final victory for all who are gathered in under His wings, who believe in Him as Savior and Lord.

John 16:33 Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows ,Obstacles, but take heart, because I have overcome the world.



How to listen to that still small voice, to know it is Him; to not “argue” when I hear it, but to pause and listen again.  So often I don’t pause long enough to check but quickly dismiss His whispered leading and continue on with my plan.  When the curse of the fall takes hold of my heart,  that I think that I am in charge and need to be in control, but really most of the time I don’t have a clue what I am doing.  So often in the daily things and decisions it creeps in that thinking “I Know” and I will do this because I think it is the best way, yet all that happens is I stumble over my own two feet and end up in the ditch of self-pity or anger.

Psalm 103 says, “The Lord is tender and kind He is gracious, He is slow to get angry He is full of love He won’t keep bringing charges against us, He won’t stay angry forever…”

There is hope, He forgives us when we don’t listen; even though it makes us miss out on His rest, the rest He designed for us to live in.

One instance of this in my life happened recently.  I was in a city I did not know and did not have a lot of money.  I was staying in a hotel but breakfast was not included so I decided to do the smart thing and look for a store to buy some food that I could have at a cheaper price.  So I set out to walk to the store.  As I was walking I passed a restaurant, as I passed I heard,  look here , but I reasoned that it would be more expensive than food at the store, so I continued on my way.  I came to the place where the store was supposed to be but the store was no more.  I asked someone but they said they never heard of a store there.   So I walked back and passed the same restaurant again.  I was thinking about what I should do, still not willing to go in.  I had seen and was pretty sure there was a MacDonald’s close by so I kept walking.  A mall was just a block down so went and checked it out.  After seeing that there was no McDonald’s I went back outside, finally, I asked the Lord.   That nudge came to go back to that restaurant, so that is what I did, and it was very affordable and delicious.

Lesson learned.  Pause, stop running in own direction and listen for that still small voice, because He still speaks quietly to us.  It is okay to stop, turn around, change directions and do a new thing.  Next time you are not sure if its God speaking, stop and listen.  Ask questions if necessary, He doesn’t mind, He just wants to be part of everything we do all day long.  So lets practice, practice, practice, at all times in the big and little things.

“Be still and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10





My Travelling Experience

Well I went to my first writing conference this month, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It really isn’t that far from my home but when you are taking first a train and then a bus it can lengthen the journey quite a bit.  First, there is the waiting, and then there is more waiting and again another bit of waiting.  However, waiting is okay, there is a lot to be learned and experienced in the waiting.

For instance, while you are on the platform waiting for the train you can learn that you really don’t have to be there an hour before, because, the train may well be delayed and there is not that many passengers vying for a seat. So, next time, I will visit with a friend, have a coffee and relax before I worry about missing the train.

Second, you see some interesting people in the station, especially at night, while waiting for a transfer.  You see bus stations are like shelters for homeless people, it gives them a warm place to sleep.  You also meet some interesting people from other countries who are travelling through.

There were 2 such meetings on my way home.  I had to wait more than 2 hours in Detroit, so, I went for a walk, with my suitcase.  As I was walking I saw a lady who was having her car towed.  I felt a nudge to go and talk with her, I wondered what I was to say.  I decided to ask if she knew of a restaurant close by.  I was wanting, no needing a coffee and something to go with it.  (No Timmy’s here).  She only knew of Burger King which was back past the bus depot.  As I was turning to leave I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to tell her God loves her and I did.  Her face lit up and it was a God moment, connection.  In this simple act of obedience I was blessed and she was blessed too.

The second meeting happened with a little girl who was with her mom’s friend.  They were from Singapore.  I met them just outside the bus station while I was pondering whether I should walk to the Burger King.  I said hello to her and she smiled and responded in kind.  I asked her where they were going, she said to Burger King.  I told her I was headed that way too.  So we walked together, she was such a joy to meet and talk with.  We spent the time waiting playing hangman together, and at the end she hugged me and said thanks then waved goodbye when I got on the bus.  What a blessing she was to me.

So don’t despise waiting because in the waiting God’s is still at work and He has blessings that come in  little surprises, along the way.  This trip helped me to see with a new perspective how God is in all the little details and shows us different rainbows of promise along the way.